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Sony. Global content creation

The iconic Japanese electronics brand has a wealth of above the line material that needed to be creatively repurposed for digital and social content. Working with DentsuX, we created several campaigns at a global level then oversaw the translations into many different regional markets around the globe. One of the main challenges of these projects was that the media provided was almost always 16.9, so creatively we had to work around resizing scenes to fit the social sizes of 1.1, 4.5 and 9.16.

BIP. Social brand launch

Bip.credit, is a digital credit card but without an actual card, so it is the only cardless banking app out on the market. My challenge with DentsuX was to create a brand strategy and visual identity that reflected the simplicity of the BIP banking process. We achieved this by keeping everything flat and using a few contrasting colours alongside a quick and direct animation style.

Hacne. East London clothing brand

An East London ethical clothing startup brand with the aim of giving back to the community and even letting community members design and create their own merchandise. The brief was to create an edgy yet simple brand that would not deter from other graphical elements being introduced at the further date.

Hakkasan. Social campaign

London based Michelin star restaurant Hakkasan was launching a new in restaurant campaign and needed support on creating social assets to accompany the launch. Working with illustrators and a camera crew to try and reflect the overall creative direction and create engaging and intriguing social assets to be deployed across all channels.

Reckitt. XR global conference

Every year Reckitt Benckiser would host a meetup for their senior managers, in previous years this has been in Singapore, Paris and New York but due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic they were forced to rethink. Working with SBS we created an extended reality experience where managers take their conversation to a digital world, attend live talks, live messages and interact at breakout workshops all from the comforts of working from home.

Honda. End of season wrap up

To commemorate Max Verstappen and Honda’s Formula 1 Championship victory, we created a short 30s overview of the season to be played in Honda dealerships and on their home webspace.

Nokia - No Time To Die. Social campaign

With the launch of the latest James Bond No Time To Die movie being pushed back several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the social campaign created for Nokia was on hold but eventually went live just before the movie’s release. Working with actor Lashana Lynch, we created a mini-series of 007 documenting and communicating directly into her Nokia phone as she takes on a James Bond style mission.

M&S. Social campaign

Working with Grey Social and M&S we created a series of social campaigns for the Christmas holidays, with the aim of engaging with current customers already following M&S social channels but also flexible enough to be repurposed to social ads for non-followers and new customers.

ADZU. Advertising media deployment app

Adzu is an online advertising marketing deployment app, with the aim to transform how businesses deploy mass campaigns to local markets and how using AI these adverts can change almost instantly to react to world events and market fluctuations.

British Army. Fitness app

100% Army Fit is a free training tool created for the British Army. Whether joining the Army or just interested in general fitness, you can learn simple muscular and cardio exercises and monitor your progress.Based on the approved UX and wireframes we started to implement the design based on interpreting the British Army style guide. The user can select how often they want to train and what types of sessions they wish to do. Cardio exercise was determined using the phone's GPS to track distance and speed, for the muscular exercises the user was set a rhythm to pace themselves against. Upon reaching milestones the users were rewarded military style badges and emblems that could be shared on social media platforms.

Aubaine. Veganuary

More than 100,000 people have already pledged to stick to a plant-based diet for Veganuary, so the chefs at Aubaine created a vegan based menu to celebrate the month. The idea was to keep everything green and source photography that demonstrated the raw plant nature of Veganuary. The lead photo we selected demonstrated this with some leaves yellowing and others showing signs of being eaten by insects.

Ineos. Social brand launch

Backed by Sir Martin Ratcliffe, Ineos are building and launching a new off-roader from the ground up. As the social agency involved, we were tasked to create ongoing campaigns to get the word out there. The difficulty in promoting a vehicle that hasn't been made yet is that there's nothing to show. So we created a strong brand animation, sourced stock footage and cropped in so as not to show much of any potential vehicle.