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Hi, there! Iā€™m
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, an art director and designer working in and around sunny London, I make designery stuff for
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ā€” #Product

Adzu is an online advertising marketing deployment app, with the aim to transform how businesses deploy mass campaigns to local markets and how using AI these adverts can change almost instantly to react to world events and market fluctuations.

RB. XR global conference
ā€” #Identity #Product

Every year Reckitt Benckiser would host a meetup for their senior managers, in previous years this has been in Singapore, Paris and New York but due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic they were forced to rethink. Working with SBS we created an extended reality experience where managers take their conversation to a digital world, attend live talks, live messages and interact at breakout workshops all from the comforts of working from home.