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Hi, there! I’m
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, an art director and designer working in and around sunny London, I make designery stuff for
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— #Motion

A video edit and motion design reel for the Game Safe Festival for the NSPCC. The Game Safe Festival presents an opportunity to engage and take action to ensure children's safety online. It involves collaboration with developers, platforms, industry bodies, esports, and influencers to promote safer gaming practices.

— #Motion #Identity

Identity and motion design for the annual Exolum Managers Conference involved crafting a distinctive and dynamic visual identity, leveraging the 'x' element from the logo. I engineered sunburst motifs that radiate across various media, infusing energy and vibrancy into the brand presentation. Extensive motion assets were meticulously developed for television screens throughout the venue and the primary platform for speakers. Additionally, I curated printed collateral to complement the immersive conference experience.

— #Identity

Zenith Recruitment — a modern, dynamic, and globally operating small recruitment business based on the Isle of Man. By combining contemporary design elements, bold typography, and a vibrant color palette, I created a visually engaging brand identity. The result is a professional and innovative image that showcases Zenith Recruitment's commitment to connecting talent worldwide. It was a rewarding experience to help shape their brand and empower them to stand out in the competitive recruitment industry.
— #Identity A groundbreaking AI system tailored for NGOs operating in third-world countries, enabling efficient collection of insights and data. By leveraging innovative technologies and overcoming infrastructure limitations, empowers NGOs to make informed decisions and drive positive change in underprivileged communities. It revolutionizes data gathering in resource-constrained environments, unlocking the potential for impactful interventions.

Sony. Social content creation
— #Motion

The iconic Japanese electronics brand has a wealth of above the line material that needed to be creatively repurposed for digital and social content. Working with DentsuX, we created several campaigns at a global level then oversaw the translations into many different regional markets around the globe. One of the main challenges of these projects was that the media provided was almost always 16.9, so creatively we had to work around resizing scenes to fit the social sizes of 1.1, 4.5 and 9.16.

Arsenal FC. Stadium supporter banners
— #Identity

As part of a larger project, I was tasked with re-designing supporter banners for Arsenal FC. These banners were not only a representation of the team's brand, they also had to reflect the passion of the fanbase from all around the world. The creations had to be diverse yet hold the Arsenal brand at their heart and simple enough to be printed at a large format.

Arsenal FC. London Pride
— #Motion

June 2022 marked the 10th year of GayGooners supporting London Pride. To celebrate, they invited members of GayGooners to share their experiences of Pride month, telling us what it means to have been the first football club represented at a Pride march. I was tasked by Arsenal FC to a create motion graphic reel for the tour bus that would play on loop while on the parade throughout the city.

BIP. Cardless Credit
— #Motion #Identity, is a digital credit card but without an actual card, so it is the only cardless banking app out on the market. My challenge with DentsuX was to create a brand strategy and visual identity that reflected the simplicity of the BIP banking process. We achieved this by keeping everything flat and using a few contrasting colours alongside a quick and direct animation style.

Nokia: No Time To Die
— #Motion #Identity

With the movie premiere delayed twice due to the pandemic, Nokia's social campaign for the new 007 movie had to follow suit. But when a new date was confirmed the social stories following Nomi on a mission across Berlin, Dubai, Paris and Sydney rolled out in real-time. All footage was filmed using the new Nokia 8.3 5G.

— #Product

Adzu is an online advertising marketing deployment app, with the aim to transform how businesses deploy mass campaigns to local markets and how using AI these adverts can change almost instantly to react to world events and market fluctuations.

Hacne. East London clothing brand
— #Identity

An East London ethical clothing startup brand with the aim of giving back to the community and even letting community members design and create their own merchandise. The brief was to create an edgy yet simple brand that would not deter from other graphical elements being introduced at the further date.

RB. XR global conference
— #Identity #Product

Every year Reckitt Benckiser would host a meetup for their senior managers, in previous years this has been in Singapore, Paris and New York but due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic they were forced to rethink. Working with SBS we created an extended reality experience where managers take their conversation to a digital world, attend live talks, live messages and interact at breakout workshops all from the comforts of working from home.